Metal Roof Repairs, Des Moines, IA

Metal roofs are a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings, and just like any roof, they come with their own quirks in installation, damages, repairs, etc. That is why we recommend working with a full-service roofing contractor who has a good track record of service when it comes to metal roofs – a contractor like Sadler Coating Systems.

If you are located in Des Moines, Iowa, or the surrounding communities, and your commercial metal roof is in need of repair, call Sadler Coating Systems today at (866) 756-2901. A fully licensed and insured contractor, Sadler Coating Systems’ professionally trained technicians offer free, onsite roof assessments and non-prorated warranty options. Call today and let us help you get your metal roof back to performing at 100%.

Common Metal Roof Issues

There are a few problems that commonly afflict metal roofs. Some are related to poor installation, while others are issues that develop over time with exposure to the elements:

  1. Poor Flashing Installation – Flashings are metal pieces used to cover joints and prevent water seeping in and causing damage. Because metal roofs easily expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures, flashings can stretch apart and become prime spots for leaks.
  2. Seam Failure – Due to the large size of many commercial roofs, it is common to use multiple metal roof panels to cover the length of the roof. These panels are seamed together, creating a weak spot susceptible to separation.
  3. Oxidation/Deterioration – Metal roofs can be made of aluminum, copper, tin, zinc, steel, or a mixture of these metals. While most include a protective coating, time and the elements can wear it away, exposing the bare metal.
  4. Faulty Fasteners – Metal roofs are typically adhered with neoprene or rubber washers (to seal off water) and nails or screws. Over time, some fasteners can back out due to wind or metal expansion and contraction, leaving small openings where water can enter.

Metal Roof Repair With Sadler Coating Systems

If your metal roof is leaking or has sustained other damages, Sadler Coating Systems offers a variety of solutions, including repair and restoration. With more than 30 years of experience repairing metal roofs, we guarantee high-quality, long lasting work. We also provide ongoing inspections and maintenance programs for customers who would like a professional evaluation twice a year (recommended) or more often.

If you’ve noticed the frequency of repairs for your metal roof has been increasing, we at Sadler Coating Systems also offer metal roof restoration for residents of Des Moines, Iowa, and the surrounding areas. Our metal roof restoration service includes applying an acrylic or urethane coating to your existing, good-condition roof.

Call Us Today!

When it comes to your commercial metal roof, knowing what to repair, how to repair, and if to repair or coat or replace should be left to the professionals. Call Sadler Coating Systems today at (866) 756-2901 for your no-cost, no-obligation inspection and cost estimate.