Metal Roof Repairs, Des Moines IA

Looking for a way to prevent rust, stop corrosion in its tracks, seal leaks, and improve energy efficiency across your metal roof? Sadler Coating Systems has the answer – our metal roof restoration system is the most effective way to repair your metal roof and protect it against future issues.

For more than 30 years, Sadler has been providing clients throughout Iowa with premier roofing solutions, including metal roof restoration systems. Our reflective roof coatings not only stops leaks and rust, it can extend its life and strengthen your roof across its entire surface area. Call Sadler Coating Systems today to learn more! (866) 756-2901 

Why Replace When You Can Restore?

If you believe your metal roof may need to be replaced, take a moment to speak with Sadler Coating Systems. In many cases, it can be restored with one of our high-performing Metal Roof Restoration (MR) systems from leading national manufacturer Conklin.

Our metal roof restoration will save you money in a number of ways:

  • No roof tear-off expenses
  • Lower labor costs – coating your roof vs. replacing it
  • Utility savings by as much as 30%
  • Prevention of additional repair costs
  • Savings in the form of possible tax rebates

In our experience, roof restoration not only repairs existing problems, but also outperforms new metal roofs, in many cases. In fact, one Fortune 500 company ran a test where it coated half of a 200,000 square foot roof with Conklin’s MR system, and replaced the other half with new corrugated metal, sealed with silicone. A year later, the new metal side had 6 leaks, while the restored side had exactly zero.

Our Comprehensive Metal Roof Restoration Process 

Sadler Coating System’s metal roof coatings are designed to prevent leaks where the most commonly afflict your metal roof – along the seams. Over the years, we’ve perfected the process of preparing and restoring your metal roof, to ensure long lasting success with our metal roof coating system:

1) Sadler Coating Systems’ roofing technicians begin by power washing the entire roof with Rust-Off, a treatment that etches metal, pacifies rust, and removes oxidation.

2) We prime the roof with Conklin Encase Metal Primer, which inhibits further spread of the oxidation process and promotes adhesion on metal surfaces.

3) We seal off all fastener heads with premium caulking.

4) We reinforce existing seams with Spunflex or Butyl Tape and base coat. This special reinforcement fabric substantially increases the strength and durability of the roofing system. This results in a membrane that resists splitting and rupturing, adding to the life expectancy of the roof.

5) We seal the entire roof with one of Conklin’s 6 approved acryclic coatings.

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